Model No :
Name :
Origin :
Type of lamp holder :
1 x 48W R7s 220V-240V 50Hz
Dimension :
W:22 x D:34 x H:34.5cm
Material :
Fabric and anodised metal
Color :
Avorio.White / Grigio.Grey
Application :

Features &

The Fork lampshade is inspired by casual fashion, by campsite tents and by an informal, playful and dynamic lifestyle. The stitching on the fabric has been created like that on jeans and the rings are not merely decorative, but respond to practical needs with simplicity and immediacy. The light inside reveals a patchwork structure and the texture of the canvas, a little like when you turn on a light inside a tent. The lampshade is extremely fl exible and can be oriented 360°.


The stand of the fl oor and table versions is also very mobile, thanks to its joints: this means you can change the direction of the light as you please, play with the lamp and have fun continually finding new positions for it. The light is available in floor, wall, table versions and large and small suspension versions, in grey or ivory. Adjustable lampshade.

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