[Announcement] Zigbang acquires Samsung SDS' Home IoT business

Zigbang Co., Ltd. (Zigbang) announced the acquisition of Samsung SDS’ smart home IoT business was completed on 27 Jul 2022.


Zigbang, a Korea brand which is founded in 2010, is a global unicorn company that innovates spatial experience through IT Technology and provides all-rounded housing solutions.


“We are confident that the new smart home service, combining Samsung home IoT hardware’s competitive products and Zigbang’s innovative housing contents, will usher in a new paradigm of housing culture.” Said Ahn Sung-woo, CEO of Zigbang.


Zigbang assures that all the quality of Samsung’s products and services remains unchanged. All warranty and after-sales services remain valid and uninterrupted, according to the provided terms and conditions at the time of purchase. We also reassure any enquiring external parties that there is no change in the current business including sales and technical support.


The PLC Group, the exclusive distributor of Zigbang smart home products in Hong Kong & Macau, committed that the various service pledge and standards would not be affected. We will continuously provide reliable and quality service and create a safe and secure environment to customers.


For further enquiries, we welcome all parties to contact The PLC Group Customer Service Hotline (852) 2765 9667 or email at plc@plc.com.hk.




15 Jun 2023